Acacia Consulting Services

Acacia Consulting Services Pty Ltd provides sales and services to educational and commercial organisations. In operation since 1989, Acacia is an accredited dealer of Attaché and EXO Business accounting software products, and Maze educational software.


Our aim is not simply to sell accounting software, but rather, to build a long term business relationship with our clients. Our objective is to provide you with the highest possible level of service and to ensure that you get the most from your accounting and information systems by identifying business opportunities and increasing efficiency.

Awarded MYOB Expo - Excellence in Customer Experience Award 2013

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SCS Performance - Business Coaching & Consultancy

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that matters.

Discover how to turn your family business into a wealth-making operation.  Explore your strengths, develop solid plans for real growth, discover time-proved strategies and practices, and use our structure and support to turn your plans and ideas into real business growth.

Start with our practical, fortnightly Group Mentoring Programs to build your skills and discipline.  When you’re ready to level up, move on to a custom, individual program as you deliver bigger, better results.

"Every business has more to offer when you go looking. We have never found a business that does not have more potential, it just takes the will to look and the right support to hold the spotlight"

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Fenton Partners

Fenton Partners is a dynamic, client-focused structural & civil engineering and project management consulting firm. 

Since commencing operations in 2000, Fenton Partners has provided consistently high quality services for its established client base.

Clients and sectors we serve include:

  • Government: including Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Department of Justice
  • Councils: including City of Whitehorse, City of Maroondah, Manningham City Council and City of Kingston
  • Health and Hospitals: including Monash Health, Eastern Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Education: including La Trobe University, Deakin University and Box Hill Institute
  • Owners Corporations: including MICM and MBCM
  • A wide group of Architecture Firms, Architects and Building Designers.

Fenton Partners provides well-considered solutions to clients' needs, with a strong commitment to meeting project budgets and time-frames.

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Business Growth Guardian

Melbourne Accounting firm, in Kew East, offering Accounting, Tax and Marketing solutions dedicated to growing your business. 

Meet at our Kew East Office or at your home or office - call today 1300 830 230.

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We make super simple
VicSuper gives you access to everything you need to make managing superannuation simple for your business.

We’re MySuper authorised so we can act as a default fund for employers.

And we charge you no fees.

For your employees, we offer a low-cost, straightforward superannuation product with built-in insurance, and access to a range of advice and education services.

We have advice centres throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria where members can meet with qualified financial planners for personal superannuation and retirement planning advice.


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The Hub for Learning

Are you looking for training options, for yourself or your organisation?

The Hub for Learning offers programs in the areas of Leadership, Customer Service, Business, Computer skills and more. View our website for our full range of workshops. Programs can be tailored to meet a specific business need.

Located in the heart of Mitcham. We are conveniently located near shops and public transport - within walking distance to Mitcham Station.

The Hub is your way forward.

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The Purpose Driven Group

The Purpose Driven Group was founded to provide strategic business advisory services solely dedicated to purpose-driven organisations. 

Our primary purpose is to empower for-purpose organisations to do good, and do well.

Our insights and research support Aged Care, Disability, Charities, Associations and the Health sectors to make a difference.

We are Independent, Objective and Authentic.

We identified there was an opportunity to make a genuine difference by applying corporate strategies to help organisations thrive (or sometimes just survive).

The for-purpose sector appreciates diversity, sustainability and social responsibility.

Working in the sector is personally fulfilling to us by helping those people who help others!

Our expertise empowers financial sustainability, customer growth, people-driven change and technology enablement.

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acorro supports medium sized business owners and CEO’s to develop their vision & strategy, and then hold them accountable to it, so they can achieve enjoyment, fulfilment and earn a just financial reward. No theory; just practical, implementable advice that we are prepared to roll up our sleeves and help bring to life.

acorro's mission is to enable that success to the best of our ability; to be the conscience of your strategy and to be there in the tough times and to celebrate the victories.

That’s all we do.

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Metis was the Greek muse of wisdom and good counsel and the inspiration behind the Metisan name.

Selling has been part of my life for over 25 years and in every industry and small or large businesses, I have been successful. I love sales. I also know to many, “sales” is a dirty word because it’s been disconnected from the relationships you have with your customers.

I created Metisan to bridge that gap, to demystify the sales process and sales people so that anyone can improve their sales performance.

You’re already half way there. A successful sales process is born from a sense of understanding. Understanding what you offer, understanding what your customers are looking for and understanding what they need to say Yes. The Metisan process uncovers the knowledge you already have and helps you design a sales process you can rely on every time.

If you’ve ever thought that good sales figures are the result of some secret sales magic, give me a call on 0417 331 040. I can start showing you otherwise.

When you have a sales process that works for you, you team, and your customers it won’t seem like selling at all.

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Impact Consulting

If I could make you think differently about your business, yourself and your success, would you be interested?

A lot of the struggles faced in business can be turned into opportunities by changing your viewpoint. If you are a business owner or sales leader who feels ‘stuck’, I will teach you to change your mindset and transform and grow your business to get real results.

Hi, I’m Michael Trencher, Director of Impact Consulting. As a business and performance coach and consultant, I help people in sales and customer service to truly succeed.

My mission is to build smarter, more productive and sustainable businesses.  While some problems require drastic measures like pivoting a business model, others just require a leader to change their mindset to view the situation differently.

I use success strategies developed and honed over years of experience, to inspire, motivate and educate you and your business on how to leverage market conditions, transform, grow and get results.

My business insights and success strategies have helped my clients to:

  • Reset, rebalance and recreate their businesses into success stories, and
  • Dramatically increase income and performance

My expertise includes:

  • Goal & vision setting
  • Success and growth strategies
  • Team building & leadership
  • Wellbeing
  • Business Coaching
  • Personal Coaching
  • Best business practice
  • Sales performance optimisation
  • Building business resilience
  • Franchising
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Finance Industry

How I’m different: I have unique experience which gives me insights into businesses of all sizes.  I embed myself in your business to tailor one-on-one or group programs using a unique blend of systematic processes and performance coaching to achieve the results that you want.

What I’ve learnt: You have heard the famous quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” This couldn’t be truer for those looking to grow their business. In order to be truly successful, you must shift your mindset before you can make any real progress.  Just working harder is not the answer.  As a leader you need to look outside the box and break old work habits.  Ignore what others are doing and focus on finding what is right for you.

How it works: If you are a business owner or sales leader who wants to take their results to the next level or just wants to learn more about how Impact Consulting can help you, check out our website and feel free to contact me, add me to your network, or connect with me online.

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MillennialSYNC International

Connecting Generations to Inspire Outstanding Results

MillennialSYNC Int. help businesses just like yours create a success plan with Millennials at heart, using the world only research-based coaching methodologies and proven leadership programs to double the performance of teams with Millennials in 12 months or less.

We provide solutions for business owners who realise traditional management doesn't work across generations and know it takes more than endless meetings or micro-managing to achieve results. We apply a pragmatic approach to new age leadership, following the world's most successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and mentors.

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AlumGrow Consultancy

AlumGrow is a community engagement consulting firm that empowers and inspires our clients to build more effective and sustainable community engagement programs to achieve sustainable business revenue growth, increase brand awareness and attract philanthropic and volunteer support. 

Through Director Alastair Lee, AlumGrow Consultancy offers a suite of specialist mentoring, marketing, fundraising and business development advisory services to education institutions, not-for-profits, individuals and membership-based businesses of all sizes.

So engage AlumGrow Consultancy today and grow your business potential.

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