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Business Event Sponsorship Packages

Business events sponsorship packages

The Whitehorse Business Group offer tailored and targeted event sponsorship packages for Melbourne businesses. If you’re looking to increase your exposure, expand your reach, and engage with a target market of business leaders, take a look at our sponsorship packages.

The Whitehorse Business Group is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. We are one of Melbourne’s largest business networking groups with over 150 business members. 

We host Melbourne’s most valuable business networking events attended by well over 1200 guests each year.

We offer exclusive event sponsorship opportunities for our premier annual events:

These first class events are heavily promoted through mainstream media and digital channels and are consistently well attended by the business community.

Sponsorship packages for our regular networking events and development workshops provide consistent brand exposure for your business each month to a targeted group of Melbourne business leaders and decision makers.

Becoming a sponsor is a partnership with the Whitehorse Business Group.  Your support through sponsorship helps us continue to deliver first class events that Melbourne business leaders want to attend and be associated with. 

By supporting us, you’re supporting the local business community.

How can event sponsorship benefit your business?

If you operate within the B2B space, our events are the perfect place to promote your brand. 

Partnering with the Whitehorse Business Group through sponsorship will:

  • Boost your credibility, authority and expertise within a thriving B2B space.
  • Increase your brand awareness to a targeted audience of business leaders and decision makers.
  • Provide excellent brand association through reputable events and credible guest speakers
  • Initiate the opportunity to connect and engage in a passive, not pushy B2B space.
  • Deliver warm leads and increase referral business.

Give you the ability to block local competition by being first in mind.

Tailored sponsorship packages

If you partner with the Whitehorse Business Group through sponsorship, we want to maximise your exposure.  We offer a range of affordable packages and we’re open to ideas on how to make sponsorship work for you and your business.  If you’d like to discuss an ‘out of the box idea’ on sponsorship, give us a call on 03 9275 6910.

How can we make sponsorship work for you? Letís discuss.

What do our sponsors think?

"A member since 2001 and sponsors of the Whitehorse Business Group, Saward Dawson's involvement benefits the firm, our staff and the broader community. We've had the privilege to host events, take a position on the board and judge the business awards. We've built many long-term relationships across a vast network of organisations. We would strongly recommend any business or organisation to partner the Whitehorse Business Group."

Joshua Morse
Princial - Business Advisory
Saward Dawson


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