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Whitehorse Business Group would like to share with you our past virtual activities.

The Power of Purpose - facilitated by Tobi Nagy from BCF Coaching Academy

The power of purpose- Providing meaning to your business in a new age Topics covered will include:

  1. Why purpose is important
  2. The process to discover your purpose
  3. Why most people don't discover their purpose in life
  4. Living a life of passion
  5. Importance of purpose in business

Facilitator: Tobi Nagy founder of BCF Coaching Academy

How to Boost Productivity and Effectiveness - Webinar presented by Robert Bonifacio 2021


Robert Bonifacio is a business coach, mentor and strategist and author of the ELEVATE Program for professional services advisers. Enter your details below to receive your free PDF The Seven Keys to ELEVATE your business success https://www.robertbonifacio.com.au/

Jonathan Creek the viral video guy - Virable

Why? Demystifying online video for business and the secret formula to make videos that are contagious and trigger people to act.

www.jonathancreek.co award winning journalist, viral video investigator, keynote speaker, film maker. Content is no longer enough. Engagement is only part of the solution. How long your video runs is irrelevant. "Sharing" is the real key to gaining attention, scaling social success, story telling & increasing your influence. But how do you make it happen?

"If a movie can make you cry ... a video can make you share. To the point of it being instinctive, almost involuntary. It all comes down to brain science." - Jonathan Creek

LinkedIn Super Sales Strategies

LinkedIn is often the ‘forgotten’ social media platform, but it is extremely powerful as a sales tool. Join this informative workshop to find out:

  1. How to generate leads, sales and results on LinkedIn (and still abide by the LinkedIn User Agreement)
  2. If it is worth paying for Premium?
  3. If Sponsored Ads or InMails are suitable for small business?
  4. What techniques should be part of your weekly social media updates?
  5. Essential LinkedIn Personal and Company Profile updates for every business owner

Sue Ellson for the Whitehorse Business Group

Improve your public speaking with Sarah Denholm

Expand your Confidence and Presence Online (and at Live Events)

Public Speaking
Facilitator: Sarah Denholm from Improve your public speaking
Topics that will be address during this session:

  • Confidence and presence: what gets in our way - including the Circles of Disconnection
  • Social perception: first impressions and what really matters
  • Confidence and presence-building techniques and tips
  • Online presence and engagement tools

Cyber Security for the Business Community - Session by Adam Gurrie from Section Technologies - Whitehorse Business Group Inc. 2020

Presenter: Adam Gurrie from Section Technologies for the Whitehorse Business Group 2020

What to expect from this session?

  • A response to: The Federal Government press release (June18th 2020)
  • What are common attacks to the community
  • What to look for and how to respond?
  • What does a business' Cybersecurity Plan looks like? and more ...

Google My Business session by Alison Evans from PinPoint Local - Whitehorse Business Group Inc. 2020

Whitehorse Business Group was delighted to welcome Alison Evans from PinPoint Local during our webinar sessions. Alison presented about "Getting the most out of Google My Business"

If you need any extra information feel free to get in touch with Alison at alison.evans@pinpointlocal.com

6 Fundamentals of Marketing - Natalie Potter BEAM Creative for the Whitehorse Business Group

Natalie Potter from BEAM Creative has presented for us regarding the 6 fundaments of marketing. Enjoy this presentation full of invaluable information.

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