The Travelstore

As an independent agency, we will not tell you where to go or stay, but we will assist and guide you using our expertise to advise and create an itinerary

that you feel comfortable with and convert the ideas that you have, into an affordable reality.

With experienced knowledgeable travel managers, The Travel Store will look after your air, land  and  sea arrangements as

accredited members of the International Cruise Council and as certified Travel  Insurance Specialists. Our complete services have

been offered over the past 17 years and it is reflected by the many referrals and recommendations by our existing clientele.

The Travel Store services all your travel requirements, both personal and corporate including a 24 hour direct contact emergency

service and we look forward to exceeding your travel expectations as so many have before you.

One of our most important responsibilities is Travel Management, Not just as a Travel Agent but as a Travel Manager who assists in budget

and client management and remains on standby.

Our directors are active members and contributors of the Rotary Clubs in the area and supporters of several non for profit organisations.

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The Travel Store,

Shop 2, 110 James Street, Templestowe Village, Vic. 3106

PH  + 61 3 9842 1222 ,  FAX +61 3 9841 9444 ,

email :






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The Travel Bunker

The Travel Bunker is a value added service to help you plan your holiday or what to do in Melbourne with your visitors.

I research what to do at your travel desintation based on your interests and the date of travel.

I do not do bookings but give you the details to go ahead and book tickets for shows, museums, sporting events or book a table at a restaurant.

Quotes given per request.

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