Professional Services

Corvus Group Australia

We are Business Lawyers and Workplace Advisors with over 20 years senior legal and HR experience working in Australian and international companies.

This means we understand exactly what our clients want and how to best deliver legal and workplace advice and assistance that meets their unique needs.

Given our own ‘inside’ experiences on senior management teams within commercial organisations, we pride ourselves on our simple communication. We ensure our clients receive the answers and help they need without the jargon.

Our size and experience means our directors are always hands on. We can work with our clients on things that pop up and need attention immediately, or on projects that require in depth knowledge and strategic thinking.

We don’t pretend to be everything to everybody. If we can't provide the absolute best subject matter expertise for our clients we ensure we find someone from our trusted network of advisers that can.

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Ask Great Work

We help small businesses communicate their creative ideas and concepts to their audience through branding, graphic design, website design and development, digital copywriting in English and Mandarin languages. We spend time understanding our client's needs and put significant effort into creating the perfect solutions that will connect them with their potential customers.


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Kylie Saunder Copywriting

I'm Kylie Saunder, an SEO Copywriter and Content Creator.

I write high quality, engaging online and offline content for small and medium businesses that's easy to understand and highlights your business unique features and benefits.  

By taking the time to understand your business I produce quality content tailored to your audience that informs, engages and converts.

With over 15 years of writing experience, up to date SEO knowledge and a business and marketing background, I've helped clients with the following type of copywriting:

1. Copywriting website content

Website content must please Google and other search engines, but must also appeal to your target reader and prospective clients.

My clients value the way I combine my business, marketing and SEO copywriting experience to create compelling website content that converts.

2. Copy editing website and blog content

Clients use my services when they’ve got the ‘bare bones’ of their website or blogs.

With an ‘outsider’ view and a clear idea of who their target audience is, I transform their content from ho-hum to compelling.

I’ve been told I have an uncanny ability to get the ideas out of their head and onto the page.

3. Repurposing content

From half written Word documents, to old blog posts or notes from a presentation or conference.

I use my client’s voice and re-energise their content – it’s a little like a ‘content makeover / facelift’.

4. Email templates and letters

Clients use my copywriting services to create or edit their email templates and auto-responders. From a law firm with a series of email responses to a medical practice’s new patient letters and follow-ups.


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A2B Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the following sectors :

  • Virtual Assistance/Corporate Secretarial
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Sales, Marketing and Client Care
  • Logistics
  • Data Entry

To learn more about my business, please contact me on the details below.

☏ 1800 940 913

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