Information Technology

Information Technology

Envision IT

Starting new or running small business, Envision IT can help you improve your systems in variety of ways. 

Most likely, you may start by reducing cost of software licenses and products such as Microsoft Office, MS 365 or O 365, Servers, Azure Cloud, Adobe, Autodesk, CISCO MERAKI, Dell, ESET Antivirus, Oracle, Quest, VMware.  Adobe, Microsoft, CISCO offer deeply discounted prices for Academic, Charity and Non Profit organisations. So make use of them in addition to special prices that we offer to everyone.

You may want to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central or ERP, integrate different applications in your office or external, migrate applications to cloud such as AWS, Azure, MySQL, Oracle or go for a mix and match such as on premise and on cloud.

With us, you can build complete solutions involving AI, Apps, Automation, Chat Bot, Cloud Enablement and Migration, business process streamlining, integration of different applications, devices such as cameras, RFID and IoT, equipment such machinery, Motors, pumps, boom gates, software products such as JD Edwards, Oracle HCM, SAP etc.  

When you have the vision for a paradigm shift, we have all the resources to realise it!

Our solutions are deployed in general business, corporations, SMEs, Aged Care, Charity, Not for Profit (NFP), RTOs, City Councils and Government Agencies, Education, facilities Management, Manufacturing and parking. 

Software Licensing

Envision IT is known for providing software at lower cost from vendors such as Autodesk, Bing Maps, Cisco Meraki, ESET Anti-virus, Microsoft, Oracle and almost all major vendors. We are able to do due to long term alliance with vendors and volumes.

We service all segments i.e. Academic and Education including RTOs, Autonomous Bodies, business and commercial, SME, Charity and Not for Profit (NFP), City Councils, Government Agencies and others. We process special price eligibility requests for Academic, Education, Charity, Not for Profit and Government organisations.

  1. Adobe: Acrobat, Creative Cloud for Teams (CCT) and all products
  2. Autodesk products include AutoCAD, LT, Revit, Inventor, Industry Collections and hundreds of others. All Autodesk products are available on Subscription only.
  3. Bing Maps licensing is available for businesses and commercial for their MS Dynamics, Internal Applications, Public Websites, Mobile Asset tracking and Management such as staff deployment and truck routing
  4. Cisco Meraki networking equipment and software for businesses for employees and associates and places like cafes, eating places where you need to provide internet to customers.
  5. ESET Anti-Virus for Antivirus and other protections. Also available are Kaspersky, Trend Micro etc. Special prices for Academic and Charity use
  6. Microsoft Azure cloud, Office (Perpetual License), O365, Windows, Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. on premise, perpetual or cloud, CSP
  7. MySQL: MySQL database and cloud solutions that happens to be high performing while being one of the lowest prices.
  8. Oracle Cloud Solutions or database and other products. We can dramatically reduce your Oracle license costs and upgrade you at far lower cost than your current vendor.
  9. Quest: All Quest products
  10. VMware: All VMware products.

So for any licensing requirement, be it any of the above product or something else, just contact us!

Software Development

It may cost less and be delivered quicker than you think!

The software development activity involves developing new custom applications / products or upgrade existing systems, especially legacy applications that are difficult to use and highly risky to upgrade.  

We work with you to provide integrated, highly reliable, efficient and productive systems that are easy to use. Often termed 'business and digital transformation', we make it happen by smoothly transitioning people to new business process (thats where the value of upgrade lies). 

As needed, the new systems will contain things  like AI, Apps, Chat Bots, face / handwriting / voice / video reconition and interations (you talk to apps).

While we specialise in mid to large projects, we remain highly competitive in small projects. In fact, AI and Chat Bot projects could be implemented from $3000 Ex GST onwards!

Whether you are facing difficulty with existing systems or looking for paradigm shift for your business, contact us today. We may have a solution that may cost much less and quicker than you would imagine.

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Web Ideas

Is your business working effectively online?  This is an integral component for every business, with customers checking out a local business online before engaging with them in 97% of cases.  Whether they are seeing if you supply what they want, checking product details, looking up your phone number or checking your address, your website influences their future contacts with you.  Does yours do you justice?

At Web Ideas, we work with you to build your online business to complement your offline business model.  We start with your online purpose – what do you want to achieve from your website?  Then we look at how to make this happen.  

Established in 2003, we have a strong understanding of the internet environment, particularly security of hosting and ongoing changes in the industry.  We love the challenge of change.  

Our clients are based in every state of Australia, with a strong presence in the City of Whitehorse and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.  

Talking to our clients is a key part of our process, to ensure we learn about your business and can help you achieve your online goals.  We would love to talk to you too.  Call us on 03 8873 0000.

Raie Lyth
Managing Director

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Stratiform (Salesforce Partner)

We Specialise in moving your business from legacy systems or spreadsheets to Salesforce.  We get to know your business, your people and processes then align them to your CRM allowing you to reduce workload and increase efficiencies.

Salesforce Implementations|Configuration|Develoment & Enhancements

Custom Web development|Custom App Development & SEO


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Volgai pty ltd

VolgAI is a striving IT company supporting organizations with complex requirements to find solutions that span their entire businesses. Our team specializes in furnishing outstanding digital marketing, web and software design & development and Data analytics. 

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3 Degrees North

3 Degrees North (3dn) is a leading Associations solutions provider.

3dn has created a whole of organisation offering, integrating your core business systems into a single functioning unit, using best practice website management, constituent management and vertical software solutions.

Our dedication to the not-for-profit sector and wide experience enables us to deliver a unique and powerful business proposition. We understand the needs of your members, supporters and customers, and the demands they place on you as an organisation.

Our knowledge of iMIS is unsurpassed and we provide:

  • Website Implementation
  • Application Integration
  • iMIS Application (CRM) and Module Implementation
  • Business Process Mapping and Automation
  • Customisation Development
  • Report and Analysis Tool Implementation and Integration

Combined with these specialist services, we also offer the Compass suite of website integration products that delivers proven website integration for the Kentico CMS and iMIS product.

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Reach Telecom

Reach Telecom – Be there for your Business anytime, anywhere

Reach Telecom is Australia’s leading Business Telco Provider specialising in Business Phone Systems.

We are Innovative, Forward and personal. We’ve helped thousands of Aussie Business Owners gain access to our highly advanced, cutting-edge services to optimise their spending whilst maximising their Telecom Potential.

A one size fit model does not suit every business. With our forward-thinking approach we focus on your business needs and provide you with a tailor-made solution that works just for you.

When it comes to customer service, we are setting an example. Every customer will have a dedicated account manager who is technical savvy, knows and understands your business so if there is a complex query you can contact them directly.


Our Services:

Business Phone Systems: Cloud-Based & On-Premise – SIP Trunk

Inbound & Call Tracking: 1300/13/1800 Numbers

Data: NBN – Fibre – Mobile Broadband

Mobile: SIM Only Plans


1300 073 224

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Computer Troubleshooters Mount Waverley

In today’s technology connected world where every business not only wants to but must be able to conduct business anytime and anywhere in the world on any day of the week. This means a new mindset in managing IT it is about prevention of an IT failure over a mindset of reacting to an IT failure.

The management of your IT is no longer a cost but an investment that allows a business to trade, and earn profits.

At Computer Troubleshooters our aim is to reduce the headaches for you through building a managed service plan that services your needs and requirements.

Some of the services provided for a monthly fee are:

  • Constant monitoring of your system’s performance with daily tune-ups

  • Patch management

  • Daily backup of all data and network

  • Monitoring and management of your security solutions ensuring you have the latest protection

  • Microsoft 365/Google Workspace management of users and passwords

  • Monthly reporting of tasks that have been completed


  • Peace of mind knowing we are proactively managing your IT continuously removing the risk of failure and a loss of productivity for your team

  • No unforeseen costs as the risk of breakdowns is minimised via daily health checks of your IT systems meaning you can invest in the right areas to grow your business

  • Increased staff morale as they work on systems that are performing to their optimum levels (no slow internet) meaning less frustration and greater engagement in their daily activities

  • Confidence that your business can be operational in minimal time increasing your customers satisfaction with you reducing the risk of losing customers

In the end knowing you have a partner that is your IT department that is completely focused on:

  • your business by being committed to you,

  • providing the right services at the right time that can be scaled as you grow

  • consistency in the maintenance and support provided to you

  • being a trusted partner on all matters IT

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