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Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy

Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy
Organising your final farewell, is not about wanting to die,
it's about wanting to reflect who you really are,
in your goodbye.

Being a funeral celebrant of almost 20 years, Robyn O'Connell has worked with most funeral companies across Melbourne.  

In these days of buyer advocates, finance brokers and other advisors, Robyn is pioneering this service for the funeral industry.   The only difference is, as a fee for service advisor, she is completely independent.  

Advising people on which funeral company they should use before there is a need for one, means that decisions are made by you instead of by emotional family members who can easily be swayed into spending far more than they need to.  However, it is not always about the money, it's about finding the right funeral director who will suit what you want and need, rather than your farewell fitting into their processes and procedures.  

It is said that the average person will only ever organise one or two funerals in their lifetime - let Robyn help guide you if you know someone may have the need to use a funeral director, or you just want to organise your own affairs so your family doesn't have to.  

NB:  As the founder of the Rebecca Jane Foundation (www.rjf.org.au) 10% of our income goes to this charity that provides financial support to families for the funeral of their angel baby when they cannot afford to do so.  

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