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Empower Kulture

Empower Kulture


At HR Ignite Solutions, we work with businesses to align their strategy with everyday activities to accelerate performance and profitability. As a HR Coach,  we partner with businesses across any industry to provide tangible result-orientated solutions for their growth.

Hina Patel, is the Director of HR Ignite Solutions. Hina’s focus is to deliver effective HR-focused business solutions to maximise client profitability by lifting business performance through aligning their people activity with their business strategy. Since payroll cost is one of the highest cost for most businesses, measuring every element leading to these costs and managing people effectively is essential for every business to succeed and flourish.

We provide a full range of people and business solutions to assess your business, eliminate any people, system and process risks and maximise sustainability by developing capability in your management teams and staff whilst focusing on workplace improvement. We use a combination of patented tools and products that are tried and tested in the Australian market and are backed by Australasian SME research for 18 years.

Hina has the experience of successfully establishing and running an award-winning QSR franchise business for 5 years and hence is able to deliver practical solutions for every business owner.

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