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Neighbourhood Watch Whitehorse Inc.

Neighbourhood Watch Whitehorse Inc.

Our Vision

Connected, informed and empowered communities in which people feel safe and secure.

Our Mission

To be a vibrant, inclusive and effective organisation that improves the safety and security of community life across Victoria. We do this by supporting our members and partners in promoting crime prevention, resilient communities and social inclusion.


Neighbourhood Watch in Victoria was started when it was realised that the Police alone could not control the rising crime rate, in particular burglary and related thefts. The support of the public was sought to help reduce crimes such as burglary and theft which resulted in a pilot area opened on June 15, 1983 in Kananook, a suburb of Frankston.

For 40years the program has been successful in preventing crime and there are now Neighbourhood Watch groups servicing metropolitan, regional and rural locations in 55 of the 79 Local Government Areas in Victoria. Over the 39 years, there has been a crime rate reduction of 40% or more where there is a Neighbourhood Watch prescence. There are also more than 145,000 people connecting to Neighbourhood Watch through Facebook pages and groups across the state.

There are lots of ways to get involved with your local group. You may like to distribute newsletters, help out at a Safe Plate event, or visit your local school to teach kids about crime prevention. How much time you give, is totally up to you. Anyone can become a member of Neighbourhood Watch. All we ask is that you’re committed to working alongside your neighbours and fellow community members to help make the place where you live safer, friendlier and more vibrant.

Benefits of joining NHW

  • Regular updates via email about Neighbourhood Watch activities, crime prevention information and resources and news from our partners.
  • Advice on how to join your local group or start a new group in your area, if it doesn’t already have one.
  • Information on local crime statistics and trends for your area, along with information and updates on local issues and activities.
  • Tips and advice on crime prevention, personal and home security, identifying and reporting suspicious behaviour and getting to know your neighbours
  • Access to online forums and workshops, with a range of interesting guest speakers and presenters.
  • Opportunities to volunteer your time and skills on a diverse range of activities and events to help make your community safer and friendlier.
  • Access to a host of ready-made resources on crime prevention and building communities, so you are more equipped to help tackle important issues in your community.

Take the first step in helping to make your neighbourhood a stronger and safer place to be.

Get in touch today. We’re ready to welcome you! 

Email us at: whitehorse@nhw.com.au 

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