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1 Lawson Street
Blackburn, VIC, 3130

Ph: 0409 558-809


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Your Finance Angels

I'm Leanne Watson, Finance Strategist and Mortgage Planner with over 22 years experience in the finance industry. I didn't grow up in banking and because of that I truly understand from personal experience the mistakes that can be made from not understanding the way banking products work.

I'm committed to helping people understand the producst I set them up with.

I appreciate that every client is different and that you've all got different dreams and goas. I take time to listen and ask loads of questions so I can understand your unique needs and tailor my services to meet those needs.

I'm known for my commitment to my clients and delivering great results. My clients often refer to me as their 'Finance Angel'.

They appreciate my hand's-on approach, my ability to simplify complex financial concepts and my dedication to their financial success.

I truly love supporting the individuals and businesses I work with to achieve their financial dreams, goals and aspirations so they can Create Wealth Through Mortgages.

I invite you to contact me to book a time to chat about you and the dreams and goals you've got that involve finance.

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