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When a small-medium sized business fails and has to shut down, it is a huge blow to the business owners.

It is also reflective of the lack of proper advice or any, as a business owner needs external advice from business professionals at every stage of the business cycle.

With extensive experience having serviced thousands of businesses across multiple industries, it is my purpose to help businesses stand up on their feet. To pick them up when they are down. And most importantly to ensure that they keep their business dreams alive.

Having serviced nearly 2000 small to medium-sized businesses over the years, I have seen it all.

Mostly, businesses grapple with three main challenges: Acquiring customers, Retaining Customers and Competing through Differentiation.ake 'bad profit'(short-sighted profit) for 'good profit' (sustainable profit). Even giants like Nokia and Kodak did the same mistake. And they fell hard. The lesson? 'Keep up or Die!'


Our vision is to see fewer businesses shut down due to these three challenges.