Our Background

The Whitehorse Business Group was formed in 1996 to represent the interests of the local business community and to assist the City of Whitehorse in its development of business initiatives. The Group is represented by the Board who support and advocate local, state and federal issues on behalf of members and their businesses that are either located or operating in the City of Whitehorse.

Our Vision 

“The Whitehorse Business Group strives to be the pre-eminent group representing the interests of the local business community and to be actively involved in the promotion of excellence in Business and economic development within the City of Whitehorse.”


With over 8000 business operators within the City of Whitehorse, the Group provides an opportunity to foster business to business networking, and contribute to the local economy through: •  Encouraging ongoing networking opportunities •  Recognising local business excellence •  Facilitating initiatives to support expansion of local business •  Connecting and identifying local business links •  Encouraging employment through local business growth •  Developing strategic partnerships for economic advantage •  Developing a membership base which represents the local business community Contact us for further information.

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